Marleen Feremans-Van Laer

When yoga crossed Marleen’s path, it was love at first sight and she made it her lifestyle. She attended her Vinyasa teacher training at Antwerp Yoga under the guidance of Elsie Matthijssens, the leading lady of yoga in Belgium. Soon after, she did a Yin training with Myriam Wagner in The Netherlands. Many workshops with international teachers from all over the world followed.

Marleen founded a yoga studio in her home town with Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin yoga on the program and now teaches 2-4 hours every day. Her Vinyasa classes are spicy, but melted in a smooth flow, so the students can stay close to themselves, focusing on the breath. During her Yin classes, Marleen offers the possibility to create space, in the body as well as in the mind.

When she is not teaching, planning workshops or small retreats, Marleen is involved in a busy family life, with four sons, a husband, a cat and a dog.


10 Seconds with Marleen Feremans-Van Laer

1. Why yoga?
Yoga makes me stronger, healthier and what’s even more important, a better person.

2. How do you come back to inner peace?
Through my daily meditation and pranayama, I embrace my believes.

3. Top wellness tips?
I travelled around a lot enjoying wellness everywhere. The number one place to be is at Oneworld Retreats.

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Marleen's retreat

happy journey in bali

This is a six-day Yin and Yang yoga retreat, offering a very nice balance. Yin and Yang are present in everything, in all that surrounds us, all the way to smallest cell within. As most of us lead very Yang-oriented lives, adding some Yin into the daily practice and into the daily life will help to find some calmness, stillness and happiness.