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A spiritual leader for the modern era. Rachel Roberts is a sought-after public speaker, retreat leader and the founder of the wildly popular Yoga Bar studios based in the U.S. Perhaps Rachel’s greatest talent is her ability to offer ancient philosophies, rituals, and practices in a joyous way that fits seamlessly into our modern day lives. Through her retreats, she takes students to spiritually charged places around the globe, often during sacred ceremony cycles, creating experiences with long-lasting benefits for practitioners. Rachel has spent decades traveling the globe, searching the most auspicious places for practice – Bali is number one on her list and she has been leading retreats in Ubud since 2009.


10 Seconds with Rachel Roberts

1. Why Yoga?
We practice yoga so that we might be healthy in body, calm in mind, useful in life and joyous enough to inspire others.

2. How do you come back to your inner peace?
I regularly need to fill my cup back up. Sometimes I do this through alone time and silence, I’ll go on a personal retreat or simply spend a day alone in nature. Sometimes, I get reenergized through social interaction and just teaching one of my regular weekly classes is enough to recharge my batteries. But most of all, I get to go to Bali every year to lead a retreat at Kumara and this tops me off for the year ahead. Simply setting foot in Bali reinvigorates my soul.

3. Your top wellness tip?
Even if it’s just for ten connected breaths. Stop each day and ask your body, mind and spirit how you are doing. This simple technique of observing how you feel will lead you to make wiser emotional, spiritual choices.

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Interview: Yoga – A Self Care Love Letter

Nowadays, you can easily find all sorts of information, knowledge and tips online, including information about yoga – the benefits of yoga, healthy lifestyle with yoga, tips on yoga poses, clothes and mats including recommended yoga studios and teachers, etc. Researching about yoga or just happened to stumble unto information on yoga, which triggers our interest to explore and make it a part of our life can be an exciting journey when we deliberately go through it with it in a way that makes us feel comfortable. Here we have retreat leader, Rachel Roberts explaining about finding a proper dosage of yoga for you.

How do you describe the yoga?
Yoga is a love letter to the self, written in the pen of the breath. When we come to our mats, the external world falls away and we sit authentically with the self. On your mat it doesn’t matter if you are a successful attorney or a debt-ridden grad student – on the mat you are a brave practitioner, studying yourself. The mat is a great equalizer and a place to learn what true self-compassion is.

What kind of advice would you give to people who have never tried yoga?
Come to a class with no expectations. Give yourself permission to feel awkward and unsure, then KEEP COMING. Try many teachers and many styles until you find the proper dosage of yoga for you. Work to find a practice that lets you feel challenged, guided and reflective and one that will hold your attention for a lifetime.

What kind of benefits can participants achieve by joining your retreat in Oneworld Retreats?
From the moment you arrive in Denpasar you will be held, the burden of decision making is lifted and you are enveloped in a space of self-healing. A week of deeply intentioned yoga practice against the backdrop of Heaven will re-center you and place you firmly onto your dharmic, joyous path. This retreat is what YOU as a guest want it to be. It can be restorative and gentle or physically challenging and spiritually progressing. I am so very happy to share what I have learned from decades on my mat or to simply hold the space for you to sit in stillness and reflection.

Why did you choose to hold your retreat in Bali?
I did my initial yoga training in Bali and fell deeply in love with the island, the culture and especially the people. Sowing the Seeds of Change 2018 will be my twelfth retreat with Oneworld Retreats and I will return for as long as they will host me! Bali is for me the heart of the planet. It is the most fostering place I have ever experienced for svadyaya – study of the self. It also happens to be the most aesthetic place I have ever been. It can be hard to see divinity in the concrete walls of cities – in Bali the divine shows itself in every flower offering, every devotionally carved piece of wood and in the incense-fused trade winds that embrace every practitioner the island holds.

Do you have a quote/affirmation to help yoga practitioners in their daily practices?
We practice yoga so that we might be healthy in body, calm in mind, useful in daily life and joyous enough to inspire others.

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Rachel's Retreat

Yoga retreat in Bali with Rachel Roberts

Sowing the Seeds of Change

A week of self-exploration in the most spiritually beautiful place we know. Discover Bali, dive deep into the ancient practice of yoga and widen your understanding of its healing benefits. Be immersed in daily rituals in a way that will have lasting benefits and inspire positive personal change.

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