Retreat Leader Questionnaire Form

Hello future retreat leaders of Oneworld Retreats

We will propose and produce a program for your retreat as soon as we have all the necessary information.

As a rule, each retreat will include minimum two spa treatments.
There will also be some activities related to your retreat.

To better define the retreat and to prepare its launch as soon as possible, we have prepared a questionnaire. Some of the questions may not apply to your retreat so you can leave them unanswered.

Please take the necessary time to answer the following questions.







    Please propose three activities that you feel would fit well into your retreat.

    Purification Ceremony at Tirta Empul
    The purification ceremony at Tirta Empul, Bali's most sacred water temple, is performed at night. It is an experience that everyone enjoys and remembers. Tirta Empul is approximately a 30 minutes drive from Ubud. Inclusive in the price are transportation, a Balinese priest that carries out the prayers, the offerings, sarongs for the prayers and cotton sarong for the purification, ginger tea and snacks following the ceremony.
    Sunrise at Gunung Batur (Volcano) in Kintamani
    Witnessing the sunrise of the volcano Batur during a yoga session is an incredible experience. Leaving Kumara at 05:00 takes the participants on the hill at 05:45. Following the yoga session, we serve breakfast and by 08:30 we are ready to get back to Ubud, either by car or by bicycle (see Cycling from Kintamani to Ubud)
    Cycling from Kintamani to Ubud
    As an option, participants may choose to come down to Ubud by bicycle, a magical way of seeing the countryside of Bali. We provide good quality bicycles, helmet, water and a knowledgeable guide. During the descent, we will stop at a traditional village to witness the way of life in the mountains of Bali.
    Agnihotra Purification Ritual
    At precisely local sunrise OR sunset timings, two pinchfuls of uncooked rice grains, smeared with a few drops of cow's ghee are offered into the Fire. The Fire is prepared in a semi-pyramid shaped copper pot. While offering the two portions to the Fire, two simple Vedic mantras are chanted. The positive effects of Agnihotra are an outcome of simultaneous functioning of many subtle scientific principles, such as effect of chanting of specific sounds on the atmosphere and mind, energies emanating from the pyramid-shape, nutritional effects of burning the medicinal ingredients, effects of the bio-rhythms etc. Agnihotra balances the cycle of nature and nourishes the human life. It creates a pure, clean and medicinal atmosphere.

    This activity takes place in our yoga pavilion and the ritual is led by BR Indra Udayana and his assistants.

    Balinese Offering Class
    Learning to make two types of offerings gives the participants an idea of the complexity of the Balinese's daily ritual. The offerings are then offered to the Gods at the resort’s temple

    Rice Field Walk and Lunch In a Private Home
    From Kumara we will walk through the small village of Sakti into the rice fields. There are beautiful views to admire and you will get information from staff escorting the group.
    The walking tour to finishes with a special Indonesian lunch in Rijfsttafel style in the private home of our co-founder.

    Balinese Cooking Class
    Discover the exotic spices and ingredients of Balinese food. Explore cooking techniques, alternative ingredients and kitchen myths of this unique cuisine.

    The starting times of the classes will be adapted to your retreat's schedule, either before lunch or dinner and the delicious food is served to the group to enjoy. Everybody will be receive recipes to take home.

    Day trip to Uluwatu Temple & Sanur Beach
    First we will visit the sacred Uluwatu Temple in South Bali. It is one of the six of the most important temples thought to be Bali's spiritual pillars. Also famous for its wonderful location on top of a cliff offering amazing views.

    After visiting the temple, we will relax on the Sanur beach. A hidden gem with amazing views, crystal clear waters and beautiful white sand beaches. Lunch will be served on the beach.

    We will be back in Ubud by 5pm in time for the evening yoga class.

    Batik Class
    Learn how to make this traditional Balinese art. The class is led by a professional Batik Master who will guide you through the whole process of learning the basic techniques &em; from applying hot wax on the canvas to colouring the design &em; and you will end with a very special piece of art to take home with you!
    Pyramids of Chi
    Experience an ancient way of healing by immersing yourself in the sounds of enormous gongs, large pow wow drums, Himalayan singing bowls and even the very emotive didgeridoo. Sound has long been recognized as one of the least used ways for healing, yet this beautiful method is very successful in rebalancing and harmonizing inner health and offers a unique relaxing and energizing experience. The session takes place in the pyramids built to scale with the great pyramid of Giza.

    We look forward to receiving your information. If you have any questions,

    please contact us at   [email protected]