Testimonials for Ayurveda Detox & Yoga Retreat

Our guest’s words of recognition… Thank you!

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The retreat was way above my expectations. Ayurveda lectures were very informative, consultation enlightening, meals are superb, written information excellent. Desy’s instruction and background knowledge on yoga poses were supreme and her caring, spiritual manner is wonderful. Spa treatments – divine. All the staff at Oneworld Retreats was very helpful. The retreat located in a beautiful setting.

Lesley, New Zealand

A wonderful experience! I did think there would be more older woman on this retreat but the young girls embraced us as we got to know them! The whole experience was amazing. The setting is beautiful. The little things and attention to detail was exceptional.

Angela, New Zealand

I came to Oneworld Retreats to do something special for myself, to nurture and learn about my body, mind, and spirit. Aging Gracefully the Ayurvedic way has done just that. Thank you Dr Aparna and Desy for inspiring me to keep up my yoga practice and to look after my mind and body in a balanced and harmonious way.

Catrina, Australia

My time in this retreat was an amazing experience. It helped me realize that it is possible to live my life in a beautiful way. The care and love during yoga, meditation and meals are the definition of what a retreat should be.

Michelle, Philippines

This experience provides insight into Ayurveda and the benefits of preventing health given following a healthy and balanced Ayurvedic lifestyle. Combined with daily yoga and meditation, this wonderful retreat fills you with the possibilities of aging gracefully. I loved it. Thank you Dr Aparna, Desy and Oneworld team.

Janine, Australia

What a wonderful experience it was to learn the Ayurvedic way of living while learning and exploring more of the Bali culture. All the massage therapists have magical hands and the Kumara is so special and rejuvenating. I cant wait to return in the near future.

Claire, USA

Great people, wonderful environment, learning experience and wonderful spa treatments.

Marie, Germany

A wonderful and unforgettable experience.

Vera, Netherlands

Educational using self compassion and authentic. New tools to add to my wellbeing toolbox.

Josie, Australia

A wonderfully nurturing experience for your body and mind.

Deborah, Australia

yoga and wine retreat in portugal

A Life of Balance – in Portugal

Ever been to beautiful Portugal? When Claude and Iyan first visited in 2017, they soon fell in love with its people, the pristine nature and the food and wine scene. It was clear that Portugal was the perfect location for a Oneworld retreat. Martine and Wayan then agreed to participate in the creation of the upcoming week-long journey in southern Portugal.

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