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A Life of Balance Retreat in Portugal

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When I first signed up I truly did not know what to expect. This retreat went above and beyond my expectations. I recommend A Life of Balance for anyone looking to work on certain areas they feel they would like to improve whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually. We all need balance in life. This retreat is all about self empowerment and self improvement. Desy and Martine truly made this retreat.

Sedra, UAE

A wonderful experience! The resort is beautiful and the staffs are so nice and friendly. Everything is taken care of so you can really take a break.

Anouk, Netherlands

I am always eager to embrace new experiences and this one was wonderful. I loved the silence and will endeavor and incorporate into my life from time to time.

Diane, Australia

Martine has been great and I enjoyed her retreat! Thanks so much

Pablo, Netherlands

As the title said “Life is about balance, just like yoga. Escape to nature, down to earth. A wonderful experience!

Yuen, Singapore

The whole retreat was a fantastic and rejuvenating experience. From the reception service, quality of the spa treatments to the participants, everything was well planned and very productive. I especially love our retreat leader, Martine Bounet. And not forgetting the quality of the food.

Chen Nie, Singapore

it was a perfect balance of so many things. Martine’s knowledge gave me very much food for thought, which was amazing. The activities and staff were great and the some even have enough time for yourself to reflect and rest. The attention to every single details was just perfect.

Birgit, Netherlands

A very nice experience! Unique, indulging, sometimes tough but an experience everybody should do once in a lifetime. Even if you’re not good in yoga or you don’t like it (but all the other things you do like) you should go for it!

Maria, Netherlands

With her knowledge and expertise on the world of wine and her passion and enthusiasm for yoga, Martine was a perfect leader for the retreat. It was a privilege to me to return to Oneworld Retreats for the fifth retreat and once again, I return home feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually rejuvenated.

Carolyn, Australia

Overall balanced and a life-experience of all you would expect and so much more. If only I had the money, I would extend my stay for at least a month!

Nicolette, Holland

yoga and wine retreat in portugal

A Life of Balance – in Portugal

Ever been to beautiful Portugal? When Claude and Iyan first visited in 2017, they soon fell in love with its people, the pristine nature and the food and wine scene. It was clear that Portugal was the perfect location for a Oneworld retreat. Martine and Wayan then agreed to participate in the creation of the upcoming week-long journey in southern Portugal.

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