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Our guest’s words of recognition… Thank you!

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The perfect opportunity to take a pause in life and (re)think what it does one really want to get out of life: your dreams. The rooms, resort, staffs, Claude, Iyan and Desy; food, spa, trips: everything was just perfect, WOW!

Susanne, Netherlands

It was a beautiful week of pampering, focus and beauty. Participating in the Balinese rituals, yoga and workshop content provided a world away from the world in beautiful Bali. Could not ask for anything more.

Susan, Canada

An amazing experience! Iyan, Claude and the team took exceptional care of us. So much thought and detail went into this whole experience. I’ll definitely be back. Thank you

Tracey, Australia

It has been the most wonderful week. I really needed time and space away and I have been made to feel like a princess. Everyone is gracious and caring and high attention to details. I can’t thank the staff enough for taking such good care of me.

Kelly, Australia

An unexpected joy to immerse myself in this magnificent place and to go deeply within my self is such a privilege! The fog was lifted and I received clarity and energy for the realising my dream.

Kathryn, South Africa

Attention to detail in every sense of the word. I felt like I was surrounded by fairies ready and waiting to attend to all my needs in order for me to concentrate purely on myself. Bliss!

Megan, Australia

The power of this workshop is its simplicity and ability to focus the participant to achieve one’s objectives. It guides the mind form turbulent to calmer waters in order for one to gain clarity on one’s objectives/dreams. It is strategically structured traveling from JHB to Indonesia to have this experience. The brilliance of this workshop is the content, people and place and showing one the importance between one’s inter connectivity soul (spirit), mind and body.

Nicole, South Africa

Before I came here, I had some ideas but they were very vague. Also, because in your daily life, don’t spend much time thinking about your true dreams and goals. But during the week I became more focused on what I really want and what is important to me so thank you so much for this opportunity!

Eva, Germany

The experience is an investment in your wellbeing to take a moment in life to evaluate your life/self (and look inside yourself) and think about our future, which is a precious gift. Thank you. I have only been here for a week but I’ve gained so much.

Jennifer, Australia

It was a journey of the self through the self to the self. Just like yoga, it was a big milestone in my personal journey of self-development. A week shared with beautiful souls and great minds.

Eva Maria, Germany

yoga and wine retreat in portugal

A Life of Balance – in Portugal

Ever been to beautiful Portugal? When Claude and Iyan first visited in 2017, they soon fell in love with its people, the pristine nature and the food and wine scene. It was clear that Portugal was the perfect location for a Oneworld retreat. Martine and Wayan then agreed to participate in the creation of the upcoming week-long journey in southern Portugal.

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