Testimonials for Wayan Partawan Retreat

Our guest’s words of recognition… Thank you!

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It is absolutely indescribable! It was so much more than I expected it to be. Yoga, meditation, healthy food and spa treatment for a week, just love it! High quality on everything and the staff is really 5-star!

Linda, Sweden

Beyond my wildest dreams. Every detail was perfectly organized and the staff were incredibly friendly. Wayan’s classes were the highlight for me. He’s the best yoga teacher I have ever had and I loved how every class included meditation and pranayama as well as asana. I will be back! Beautiful people and experience.

Camille, USA

Better than I ever would have imagined. I never had the confidence to do something like this before. The whole package just spoke to me. I can’t stress how amazing Wayan is as a teacher. He has such amazing energy. Love the experience, love the food, the people. Love it!

Chelsea, UK

A fantastic experience where every small detail, care and love is given to each guest. A truly spiritual and immerse experience that is authentic and grounding.

Alicia, Australia

It was awesome! A perfect combination of spiritual and magical activities, yoga, food, meditation and culture. I never thought I would enjoy it this much. I am sooooo coming back!

Maria, Russia

A break that gives you peace, relaxation, luxury amongst the yoga mat, jungle, spa and pool. A place to feel safe, supported and loved. You owe it to yourself.

Elizabeth, Australia

Mindfulness, exercise and relaxation in a beautiful location.

Katja, Netherlands

I traveled halfway around the world to come to this retreat and it was worth every penny! I learned so much about Bali, yoga and had the most unforgettable experience of my life. I feel energized, rejuvenated and ready to move forward in my life with more harmony and alignment.

Masumi, USA

Just wonderful and unforgettable. Every thing was perfect, the organization, the teaching, resort, food, spa, and the people in general!

Nicole, Switzerland

The retreat offered was wonderful. Wayan is a passionate and inspiring teacher, the activities were fun and varied a great place to spend time with like-minded people. The staffs are friendly and helpful. The food was good, but I mainly came for the yoga and was not disappointed.

Judy, Australia

yoga and wine retreat in portugal

A Life of Balance – in Portugal

Ever been to beautiful Portugal? When Claude and Iyan first visited in 2017, they soon fell in love with its people, the pristine nature and the food and wine scene. It was clear that Portugal was the perfect location for a Oneworld retreat. Martine and Wayan then agreed to participate in the creation of the upcoming week-long journey in southern Portugal.

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