Dear friends of Oneworld

Due to ongoing travel restrictions, we have regrettably had to cancel all of the planned retreats until further notice.

We hope the storm that has swept the world will be over soon and we can welcome you back to Oneworld and Ubud before you know it.

If you miss us, check out our online programs, we’re sending Bali vibes to you!

Until then we wish you health and happiness,
The Oneworld team

Sending Bali Vibes through Yoga

Practice 4 distinctive yoga classes with Wayan and Desy in 4 remarkable locations on the magical island of Bali.
Each class is $15 | Download all four classes for $45.
A percentage of the sales goes to help the less fortunate Balinese.


Discover Oneworld’s Online Programs

From detox programs at home, customised yoga classes with our beloved yoga teachers, to one-on-one consultations with leading Ayurvedic doctors. Oneworld brings Ayurvedic healing into your home, wherever you are.

Online Detox
7-day Online Program

Developed by distinguished Ayurvedic doctors, yoga teachers and chefs, this online 7-day program brings an Ayurvedic detox into your home. You’ll be amazed at the changes you’ll see in just one week!

Detox and Reboot »

Ayurvedic Cookbook
Oneworld Ayurveda’s Secret
Your Kitchen is Your Pharmacy

Learn how to prepare food according to Ayurvedic principles and nurture your body with 125 delicious, healthy recipes.

Ayurvedic Cookbook »

Online Consultation
Online Consultation

In one-on-one online sessions, Oneworld Ayurveda’s Ayurvedic Doctors will look at your bio energies (Doshas) and establish their imbalances while asking about specific health issues.

Online Consultation »

Yoga For You
Yoga for You

Create a personalized yoga program that’s tailored specifically to your needs, physical condition and goals with Oneworld’s experienced yoga teachers.

Yoga for You »

Free Dosha Quiz
Free Dosha Quiz

Are you a Vata, Pitta or Kapha? Take this simple quiz to find out what your predominant dosha is?

Find out your Dosha type »

Oneworld Ayurveda is Open with 50% off Panchakarma!

Led by professionals, Oneworld Ayurveda is South East Asia’s leading Ayurvedic center offering genuine Panchakarma detox programs. The luxury 12 rooms retreat is surrounded by Bali’s most spectacular rice terraces and quaint villages and is welcoming guests since 2016.

Visit Oneworld Ayurveda


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